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Penelope and Bella LaunchWelcome to the newly revamped Penelope and Bella! Thanks for stopping by. Just so we get all the legalities out of the way, please have a peek at my DISCLOSURE AND DISCLAIMER. I hate legalities. There, I said it. Why? Cause I’m a be-er. I don’t like paperwork, filing, systems, disclaimers, structure and rules (in a good way, I don’t want to be sounding like a delinquent) Have you heard about be-ers and do-ers? Well let me enlighten you.

My husband is a classic do-er. I don’t think he possesses the ability to sit still. He is always on the go, always busy with something. He just somehow always manages to get stuff done. Me on the other hand, I faff. I take time (lots of it) to make decisions. Don’t go springing an unplanned outing on me, I’ll take forever to pick out an outfit to wear, and then there are the shoes (eeek)

Husband often sums me up in one sentence, which I must add I don’t find at all offensive: I’m always planning to plan! Husband is also a firm believer of “don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today”. Me? I put off EVERYTHING! I love being in the moment. I don’t take notice of things but I notice them… I will walk past a new piece of furniture in a friend’s house and ask after the seventh time if it’s new. Yet I will notice things that distract me from the task at hand quite easily: the expression on my dog’s face when he’s acting all cute; our children’s antics when they’re playing; a pair of shoes; my favourite song playing; anything with bling; did I say shoes?

I am a classic be-er. But apparently when do-ers and be-ers marry each other, we make the most beautiful melody… DO BE DO BE DOOO BEEEE… (grin)

Thats the beautiful thing about life, isn’t it? We’re all different. No two are alike. Twins raised by the same parents in the same environments can turn out so differently. We’re like snowflakes in a blizzard, so uniquely….unique.

Anyways, enough faffing, I’m looking forward to my first “real” post going live tomorrow 🙂

I look forward to connecting with you!

Penelope and Bella

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