What Your Pediatrician Wants You To Know #1

What you pediatrician wants you to know about re-hydrating children with diarrhoea | Penelope & Bella

So, I’ve decided to start a new series called “What Your Paeditrician Wants You To Know”, because, let’s just say I’m privy to some information that I thought you might benefit from. So this series will be all about random facts, tips and tricks that you may, or may not have come across during the visits to your doctor. Please make sure you are familiar with my DISCLAIMER and be reminded that any info you may find on Penelope & Bella should not take preference over any other info or instruction you may receive from your doctor, paediatrician, or any other medical professional.

#1 – Energy drinks are not effective in rehydrating children who have diarrhea

Current studies show that giving children commercially prepared energy drinks, juices or sodas for rehydration purposes is completely inadequate. The reason for this is that commercially prepared soft drinks have a high osmolarity (say what?)

osmolarity /os·mo·lar·i·ty/ (oz″mo-lar´ĭ-te) the concentration of a solution in terms of osmoles of solutes per liter of solution.

So this means simply, that these drinks are highly concentrated. One should instead opt for a pharmaceutically prepared oral rehydration solution, which has a much lower osmolarity. These are normally purchased in granule form, which you dissolve in purified water.

Reference: Medscape

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