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My Top 8 Pressure Cooker Recipes

Penelope & Bella Top 8 Pressure Cooker Recipes

Winter is upon us. Cue warm blankets, cuddling in front of the fireplace and a welcomed glass of red wine (or two). And although these are a few of the reasons I love winter, the thought of leaving home in the mornings when it’s dark, arriving home at night again, when it’s dark, and then […]

What Your Pediatrician Wants You To Know #3

What Your Pediatrician Wants You To Know 3

Would you feel comfortable giving your young child a cup of coffee? Just before bed? Perhaps not, but Pediatricians are still alarmed at the number of young patients they see who drink coffee and other caffeine-containing drinks on a regular basis. Your child might be ingesting more caffeine than you realise. Read on and find […]

5 Reasons You Should Set Boundaries For Your Kids

Penelope & Bella - 5 Reasons You Should Set Boundaries For Your Kids

Boundaries are indicative of who we are. They tell a story about us, they describe what we will and wont stand for. They invite people with similar morals and ethics into our lives because people know what we’re all about. Likewise, if we have no boundaries, or nothing to stand for, we will invite people […]

What Your Pediatrician Wants You To Know #2

Penelope & Bella - What Your Paediatrician Wants You To

Our bodies’ normal temperature is around 37 degrees Celsius. An elevated fever or high temperature, is anything above that, and is not an illness itself, but rather a symptom of some other underlying condition, most often an infection. A fever can easily be treated at home, on the advice of your doctor or Pediatrician, by […]

5 Easy-Peezy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Penelope & Bella Father's Day Gift Ideas

I’m having one of those “where has the year gone to?” moments, and with this I’ve realised that Father’s Day is around the corner again. So, who has organised gifts already? Mmm… Let’s face it, it’s difficult to buy gifts for men.¬†Women are pretty easy creatures – believe it or not. A few smellies from […]