You’re OH SO Boring!

Penelope & Bella - You're oh so Boring
The other day someone told me that my life is boring… And this got me thinking about my life so far – as one does. I’m almost 40.. ALMOST! So I have a few years under the belt, enough to determine whether or not my life is, well, boring. I have a husband, three teens and a tween. I spend my days in and out of the operating theatre, and when possible will always make time for a cappuccino with a friend. Or preferably wine 🙂 I see some weird things at work, but I see even weirder things at home. I have found Lego in the fridge (and it made me smile). I have cleaned baby and toddler poop off the walls, the carpet and the inside of the car. I’ve even fished it out of the swimming pool with Intex pump. More than once. I’ve had my then-toddlers pull down displays in a grocery store. I’ve walked away from a child throwing a tantrum on the floor in a supermarket. Needless to say, she never did it again. One of my kids has mixed my expensive salon shampoo into a hand-soap dispenser because it looked “cool”. Our own boys have “broken into” our home to play a forbidden age-restricted PlayStation game. I’ve taped and strapped so many knees and other injured body parts that I’m on my way to getting my physio degree (ok, no disrespect to physios, my sister is one. But you know what I mean) I’ve explained why wanting to have a hangover by the time you’re 17 is not a goal you should strive towards (from the mouth of our then 11 year old). I’ve had to tell my boys to stop slashing my avocado pears off the trees and cutting them up with swords (ok they were sticks but anything is possible in the world of boys). I permanently am “forced” to play loud music in the car on the way to school so I can check their latest dance moves. It is not uncommon for me to yell the following:
  • “Put your sister down, she is not a tackle bag”
  • “Get the cat off your shoulders, he doesn’t like it there”
  • “Stop riding the dog you have a bicycle”
  • “No, Harry Styles is not gay, and 1D is not splitting up” – OOPS!
  • “No, you can’t have a beer for your 13th birthday”
  • “Stop walking around in your ballet shoes, or you’ll buy the next pair”
Hubby and I are fortunate enough to steal the odd weekend away and see beautiful places. On our own. Because we need it 🙂 We have an exciting marriage. We love camping, snorkeling and bird-watching and our children are old enough to enjoy all these things with us. We laugh at silly movies. Ok, I laugh and then he laughs at me. I’m on the side of the sports field almost every weekend and in the wings of the stage at least twice a year. I’ve seen the pride on a little girl’s face after being awarded a gold medal in the ballet festival. I’ve seen the joy and air punches after scoring a goal in a hockey game. I’ve seen the elation after scoring a try on the rugby field. I’ve seen the excitement on our kids’ faces when they’ve gone fishing (all four of them together, an occasional moment of sibling love) and come back with a catch – which they’ve insisted on cooking on the braai (that’s a BBQ for my non-South African readers). Luckily I have a knack to search various things online thus I was able to find the bass fishing rods reviews here and bought them as every parent only wants the best for their children and so do I. And I’ve seen pain. The pain of defeat, the pain of injury, the sadness of a friend moving away, the disappointment of underachieving… the pain of divorce. And you know what, I’d do it all again. So no Sir, my life may be many things, but boring is not one of them.

4 thoughts on “You’re OH SO Boring!

  1. Judith says:

    I had an “exciting” childhood and I’m still recovering. I’d taking peace and a life well lived over “excitement” any day! I’m glad you took a time-out to evaluate the idiocy of that person’s statement.

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