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SOS! It’s The Back To Earth Night Market

Night Market

There are a few new markets which have popped up all over town recently, but we’ve been so busy travelling for kids’ sport, mostly, that we haven’t been able to attend one. This week, however, I went to the first Back to Earth Night Market in Port Elizabeth, and what a treat it was! And considering it was the first one (of hopefully many more) it was really well attended. There was an array of stalls, with mostly homemade wares – hence, “Back to Earth” I guess. I enjoyed perusing the various types of clothing, handbags, homemade condiments, chocolates and jewellery on display.

I must add that I noticed hubby kind of left me to my own devices while he walked ahead, and this is probably because I have a mild strong case of SOS – Shiny Object Syndrome – which coincidently has the same acronym as Save Our Souls ūüôā

Shiny Object Syndrome is defined as the attraction to objects that exhibit a glassy, polished, gleaming or otherwise shiny appearance. Something as simple as a reflection in your peripheral vision may easily distract your attention.

My daughter has definitely inherited this from me (poor child) but hasn’t quite gotten control over it yet. So we went bouncing from stall to stall following her shrieks of ¬†“Ooh, ooh! Look at the pretty lights!” Although I marvel at her enthusiasm, I’m hoping she grows out of this¬†before it costs me a small fortune!

I thought I’d share a list with you of my favourite stalls, which will all appeal to your SOS, if you’re also a sufferer. So, in no particular order, here they are:

Pumpkin Pumba

Pumpkin Pumba
Click on the image to visit Pumpkin Pumba’s online store.

Pumpkin Pumba had the most beautiful selection of proudly South African, hand-made bags. They’re available in many stunning fabrics and they’re coated with PVC, so they’re so easy to wipe clean – hello moms of young children! I really liked their laptop bags and GHD bags – so hubby, if you’re reading, you can add these two to my Christmas list please.


Click on the image to view the Sjukla website.

Sjukla¬†(derived from the word ‘chocolat’) is a small independent artisanal chocolatier originating from Belgium and is now based in South Africa (lucky us!) The truffles on their display table looked so yummy, I had to restrain myself from buying it all. Using only the finest ingredients, they create each hand-crafted Belgian chocolate with a creative twist. Pop over to their website where you will find their whole range, it’s oh, so yummy.


Click on the image to visit the Calm online store.

I really loved the Calm display of crafts produced from glass beads, semi-precious gemstones, charms and the like. My SOS daughter loved it too (who wouldn’t?) and bought herself a beautiful moonstone and cracked agate necklace. I have a feeling we will be visiting the online store in the near future to buy more shiny things ūüôā

Urban Glam

Urban Glam
Click on the image to access Urban Glam’s online store

Another stall I loved was that of Urban Glam. They had those cute little button bracelets – you know the one where you can interchange the button on the bracelet? It’s like owning a few bracelets in one. So you can have one to match every outfit. Neat! You have to browse their online store and see it for yourself, they have some beautiful things.

Life With Jacqueline

Life With Jacqueline
Click on the image to visit Life With Jacqueline’s Facebook page.

Who doesn’t love a pampering? Frankly it’s better when someone else does it, but I’ll surrender to the fact that I’m a working mom and there’s never really time for it. So I indulged and bought one of the Giant Fizzz balls in the Love Me fragrance, along with a body scrub – I’ve got to get this body beach-ready at some point, and what better place to start than scrubbing off dead skin cells? I found her products are really great to use, smell heavenly and contain no harmful ingredients.

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy
Click on the image to visit Cotton Candy’s Facebook page.

Cotton Candy was such a cute store to visit, and just too tempting for anyone with SOS! Their baby goodies are adorable. You need to check out their Facebook page and look at the Sock Monkeys – how cute are those things? I also love the custom made dummy clips and baby carrier blankets. You can even pick up a necklace or two while you’re browsing for your kiddies.

Sylvan Belle Country Kitchen

Click the image to visit Sylvan-Belle Country Kitchen’s Facebook page.

Everything at the Sylvan-Belle stall looked delicious. These girls know how to create yumminess! We ended up buying some of their basil pesto, and red pepper pesto – both super delicious. We also tasted the spring rolls they were preparing at the back, and Oh. My. Goodness. It was one of the nicest spring rolls I’ve ever tasted. Do yourself a favour and get in touch with them on Facebook.

So, there you have my favourite stalls at the Back to Earth Night Market. I must say that all the stalls looked fabulous, but these showed up loud and clear on my SOS radar! Hope you get to visit some of these sites and treat yourself to something special.

Happy Women’s Day!

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