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How I Created MasterChef Kids

Penelope & Bella - How I Created MastherChef Kids

How many times have you stood in front of your fridge / freezer wondering what on earth to make for dinner? There are so many nights where I feel so uninspired I just can’t bear the thought of putting something together, and would quite frankly rather call Mr D to bring something cheesy and make […]

Why Sitting In A Deck Chair Beats Sitting On The Couch

Penelope & Bella Why Sitting In A Deck Chair Beats Sitting On The Couch

Those who know me, know that our family loves to camp. We constantly spend time on sites like and try to find new ways through which we can make our outdoor camping trips much more fun. We try at least once a month to get away to one of our beautiful, local resorts. It’s […]

Growing Pains In Children

Penelope & Bella Growing Pains in Children

What Your Pediatrician Wants You To Know #6 Growing pains are crampy, achy muscle pains that some preschoolers and pre-teens feel in both legs. These pains usually occur in the late afternoon or in the evening, and can even cause your child to wake up in the middle of the night.  Despite what the name […]