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Get Your Norma Jeane On

Penelope & Bella Get Your Norma Jeane On

The other day I was in the rest rooms at Bay West Mall Ster Kinekor for the first time. I noticed the cute take on Marilyn Monroe in her famous white halter neck dress “ladies” sign at the entrance. And ironically the first words I heard upon entering the rest room, uttered by a medium-sized, attractive woman to her friend were, “I need to lose at least 10kg.”

Now I don’t know how you perceive Marilyn Monroe, but a stick figure in a dress is not the visual image that pops into my head.

Penelope & Bella Marilyn Monroe

I’m by no means slamming the choice of signage here, on the contrary, I love how they’ve taken a stick figure of a woman ‘knuiping’ added a famous white, halter neck dress and made it resemble a curvaceous icon from the 50’s – no words needed. I just found it so ironic that seeing this larger than life image reminded me that all women are not built like stick figures, and that the curvaceous ones are the ones who strike us as sexy, the ones who stand the test of time. And yet the two ladies chatting inside were discussing their goals to lose a whopping 10kg. Do they not know who Marilyn Monroe is? Or did their mind’s eye only focus on the stick figurine, while mine danced playfully on the lines of the white dress?

Now there is so much controversy as to what size Marilyn Monroe was. At first it was thought that she was the equivalent of a modern day size 12-16, but now a new school of thought claims it was more like a size 8. Either way, the girl was sexy, and she had curves for her short stature – 1,65m, which made her shorter than Audrey Hepburn, but taller than Liz Taylor.

Penelope & Bella Marilyn Monroe Swimsuit
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She was the ultimate picture of femininity. Men all over the world fell at her feet. And I’m left wondering when this all changed. When did skinny become sexy? Why are curves taboo? Because, let’s face it, this is the norm, what you’re watching on channel 178  in your spare time is not normal. I feel like I need to hold a press conference and save girls everywhere from themselves. They need to know the truth. Since when did the mannequins in Woolworths and Truworths need their pants legs pinned smaller – to equate a size they don’t even keep on their shelves? Because if they did the only people who would be able to buy them would be stick insects, because no-one even has legs that thin! Don’t they know they’re only adding to the problem we’re creating as far as eating disorders and poor body image goes? Want to appear on the cover of Cosmo? No problem, we’ll just smooth out your cellulite, chop off your hips and give you firmer boobs. And then girls everywhere can aspire to look like the fake you. Call me crazy, but what the *&%@?? No wonder people, even my age, are using photoshop apps like Facie to make photos of themselves appear thinner on Facebook and other social media…

I don’t know… call me old school, but these things just become more apparent the older I get…

Rant over… Till next time.

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