Why Sitting In A Deck Chair Beats Sitting On The Couch

Penelope & Bella Why Sitting In A Deck Chair Beats Sitting On The Couch
Those who know me, know that our family loves to camp. We constantly spend time on sites like campingfunzone.com and try to find new ways through which we can make our outdoor camping trips much more fun. We try at least once a month to get away to one of our beautiful, local resorts. It’s really become a little piece of sanity in our busy lives. And admittedly, it’s really quite easy for us with older children, but there are many friends of ours who camp with younger children too. I think if your kids are introduced to your camping lifestyle from an early age, they just fit in with your plans, and trust me on this, they love it. There’s a certain blissful contentment that comes with sitting in my deck chair, looking over a river or the ocean, glass of wine in hand, fire crackling, and kids playing in the background. I don’t even hear from them, in fact, the only time they come ‘home’ is if they are hungry or thirsty, then they’re off again. But I think the best part about sitting on that deck chair is that hubby and I can actually finish a conversation without a flurry of interruptions caused by kids and homework, or the lack of homework because they’ve left it behind at school. This is normally followed by, “Mom, can you please whatsapp so-and-so’s mom and ask her to send a picture of the homework!” Our non-camper friends often say camping seems like a lot of work and they don’t think camping for a weekend is worth it, considering all the packing and unpacking that needs to be done. I guess there is some truth in this, but honestly, once you’ve done it just once, the camping bug (not the real ones – we use Peaceful Sleep for those) will bite. Sitting in a deck chair overlooking a river is not the same as sitting on your couch overlooking your swimming pool, for many reasons:
  • you can’t feel guilty for not repacking that cupboard, you know, the one which looks like a Tazmanian Devil has whirled through it, while you’re sitting in your deck chair
  • kids just somehow seem to get in tune with their hand-eye coordination skills and make their own food while you’re sitting in your deck chair – this has yet to happen to me while I’m sitting on my couch
  • the kids will look at you strangely if you sit down to enjoy a glass of champagne with breakfast on the couch, but this is always socially acceptable in a deck chair in front of a river. This is going to be your relaing time, try to find the best wooden adirondack chairs to help ensure you can enjoy the much needed relax time. In fact, it’s expected of you to enjoy this time alone
  • you may even get offered food by your kids while you’re sitting on your deck chair at camp. This has never happened to me while I’m sitting on the couch
  • no kid asks you to drive them anywhere while you’re sitting in your deck chair, all the fun is around them. You’ll never have that luxury sitting on your couch at home
  • the sounds that surround you while you’re on your deck chair are those of birds chirping, children laughing, water whooshing, other campers talking… On the couch, it’s PlayStation, X-Box or the drone of the TV in the background. Not quite conducive to that blissful content I mentioned earlier
  • oh, and then there are the sunsets… sigh… I don’t see sunsets like these from my couch
Penelope & Bella Camping Sunset
Photograph taken at Sitrusoewer, Eastern Cape, South Africa
So yes, camping involves packing and unpacking, and when the kids are younger you may not be able to enjoy as much me time as when they are older, but it is so worth it. It all made sense for me one day when I was telling my son how we used to camp when I was a child. And his response was, “I know mom, anyone who had a good childhood camped!” In his twelve years of wisdom he had hit the nail on the head. Yes, I did have a good childhood 🙂

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