The Ultimate List of 50 Screen-Free Ideas

Penelope & Bella - The Ultimate List of 50 Screen-Free Ideas

A while ago we spoke about the negative effects of introducing your children to TV, iPads, and any other kind of screen too early. Of course, this is the 21st century and we realise that children growing up in this era differ vastly from those who grew up 30 years ago, and that technology has become an integral part of their daily lives. But there’s no harm in pulling in the reigns a bit and limiting your child’s exposure to screens and letting them be good ol’ fashioned kids for a change. Here are 50 ideas for a screen-free week in your home:

1. Rediscover board games, remember Pictionary, Risk, Scrabble etc?
2. Try your hand at scrapbooking
3. Teach your kids how to cook a meal – see my post on how to create MasterChef Kids
4. Take the dogs for a walk each day, take a different route every time
5. Wash the dog
6. Plant a herb garden and watch it grow
7. Paint rocks and use them as labels for your newly planted garden
8. Sort through old photographs and make a vintage frame for a photo of Granny or Grandpa
9. Put a blanket on the grass and stargaze
10. Watch clouds and look for animal shapes
11. Have a picnic on the lawn, in the park or on the beach
12. Build a sand castle
13. Play card games and teach your child how to shuffle the deck
14. Visit an animal touch farm
15. Go on an outing to the fun park
16. Put on your best dress and go to a high tea together – remember, pinkies up! Check with your local hotels, they normally host high teas from time to time
17. If you live in a city on the coast, visit the harbour and look at ships
18. Make hand puppets out of socks, or this cute water bottle sock dog
19. Download colouring in pages and glue torn up little pieces of paper (magazines work great) onto them and “mosaic” the pages
20. Make pancakes for breakfast and put Funfetti in the batter
21. Put a bird feeder in your garden and count how many different kinds of birds you see
22. Pick flowers and press them
23. Sass up a lampshade with feathers, or with coffee filters like this one
24. Watch a live sports event at a local stadium
25. Play car cricket. Never played it? Check it out here
26. Visit a museum / oceanarium
27. Attach a sprinkler connection to your garden hose and run through the spray
28. Build a fort using blankets in the lounge
29. Build a lego house
30. Play frisbee
31. Learn how to change a tyre
32. Watch a sunset, or wake up early and watch the sunrise
33. Grow your own sugar crystals
34. Dance in the rain
35. Make your own foot scrub out of brown sugar, vanilla essence and coconut or olive oil, and give each other pedicures
36. Write a short story or a poem
37. Invite the neighbours for a mad hatters’ tea
38. Decorate hats with flowers from your garden that the guests can wear
39. Tidy or re-arrange your bedroom
40. Use old cereal boxes or egg cartons to make a robot
41. Write a letter to the Queen, or your favourite sports star, or any celebrity – this one is mostly for the kids, unless you have a secret crush on Channing Tatum 😉
42. Glue colourful beads onto hair clips to change them up a little
43. Knit squares and sew them together to make a blanket to donate to your favourite charity
44. Build a puzzle
45. Go to the public library and read books together
46. Visit a local attraction
47. Learn and practice calligraphy
48. Help the kids make a scrap book of pictures of their favourite sports star or singer
49. Make ice lollies and put bits of fresh fruit in them
50. Just be!

As Suzelle would say, “There’s it!” My ultimate list of screen-free ideas. You should have enough activities to choose from to keep you and the kids busy for a week! If you do decide to embark on a screen-free week, please keep me updated with your progress. I’m positive you’ll discover / uncover many talents you never knew you had!

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