The Smart Girl’s Guide To Shaving Less

Penelope & Bella - The Smart Girls Guide to Shaving Less
Winter: the three month gap between a girl and her razor 🙂
But seriously, yay summer is here! Time to haul out the old razor and stop punishing your husband by making him sleep next to hairy stalks that somewhat resemble the Amazon after good rains. Shaving doesn’t rank up there on top of a girl’s “favourite things to do” list, I know. Last year I got laser hair removal in Melbourne on my underarms and it’s been a life saver. However, it can be expensive to get your whole body done. So, for now, I will stick with shaving my legs, even though it’s a time-sapper and it sucks. Often leaving behind shaving rash, little bumps and nicks and irritated skin. Follow this with a plunge into the salty ocean and you’ve got spotty legs for the rest of the day. We’ve come up with the best tips and advice to make your shave last longer this summer. Hey, if it means smoother legs for longer, we’re all in! Visit to achieve it.

How To Make Your Shave Last Longer

  1. Exfoliate ~ Make sure you exfoliate your legs before you shave. Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells, excess oils on your skin and exposes the hair for easier removal
  2. Make sure you have a good razor ~ you should aim to use a new razor with every shave, but we realise this is not exactly cost-conscious. Invest in a razor with more than one blade, and make sure to toss it before it gets gunky and grimy
  3. Soak in the tub for 3-5minutes ~ this helps soften your skin making shaving easier. Don’t soak for too long though, when your skin starts going wrinkly and puffy you know you’ve overdone it!
  4. Use a shaving gel ~ unlike some soaps, shaving gels are specifically formulated to retain the moisture on your skin, and soothe and prevent irritation. If you are using a soap or body wash make sure it’s cream-based. Best to try: Gillette Satin Care Sensitive Skin Shave Gel or even a plain aloe vera gel
  5. Shave upwards ~ shave against the direction of growth on your legs, this will ensure a closer shave, keeping stubble at bay for longer
  6. Use light pressure ~ don’t apply excessive pressure when shaving, your blades should be sharp enough to glide through short hairs. By applying too much pressure, you put yourself at risk for nicks and cuts
  7. Use a good quality moisturiser ~ pat your legs dry when you’ve hopped out the tub, and while they’re still slightly damp apply your moisturiser. Try and get your hands on a quality moisturiser containing aloe vera, which is great for soothing, and preventing razor burn. Best to try: The Body Shop’s Aloe Body Butter
With these award-worthy shave-prolonging tips, we hope we’ve bought you some spare time in your busy schedule… Now, what are you going to do with it all? Head over to our 20 Me Time Ideas for some inspiration 🙂

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  1. Kristy as Giftie Etcetera says:

    I’d add…don’t be me and think that you don’t have to shave because it’s winter! Lol. At some point around midwinter, I always regret that decision. And it still takes three razors to get all that hair off, so I didn’t save any money.

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