Diaper Bag Shopping 101

Penelope & Bella Diaper Bag Shopping 101

I’m so glad the diaper bag has evolved over the years! I remember the lack of choice available when I was looking for mine… um, just a couple of years ago 😉 There were not many designs to choose from and the designs were so babified, and I didn’t want babified. I’m so glad companies like Momi Bags came about to solve this problem, and save us from diaper bags devoid of any style forever.

If you’re a first-time diaper bag buyer, or the one you bought for your first child is so suckey that you’ve decided to give it away, here is my practical list of things to look for when buying a diaper bag.


1.  You need to be able to wipe it clean or throw the whole thing in the washing machine. I know these new beautiful fabrics with their little windmills, proteas and Afrikaans sayings are all the trend, but if you can’t wipe it off, your once beautiful fabric is just going to be a breeding ground for bacteria munching on stains of formula and poop, oh, and butternut – that stuff gets everywhere.

2.  It’s preferable if you can carry your bag in different ways. Having an over the shoulder sling or a tote is all beautiful and all, until you have your hands full and a fussy baby. I loved my Woolies diaper bag because it could be worn as a back pack as well.

3.  Make sure it has no velcro bits. Have you ever ripped open a velcro strip next to a sleeping baby? My advice is stay away from the velcro. You’ll thank me next time you have to grab a wet wipe in church.

4.  Check that it can stand up on its own. Fumbling in a bag that’s fallen over is no fun when you’re trying to keep your balance and you only have one hand. Add to that a sick toddler who wanted his dummy yesterday. The struggle is real I tell you…

5.  Little elasticised compartments are great for keeping bottles and formula stackers standing upright. I would also highly advice you to check out different baby monitors to ensure that you can have an eye on the baby when you work. Check that the bag has a few of those, four should be sufficient

6.  Make sure there is a compartment for you as well. Extra space to put your wallet, phone, keys etc always comes in handy. And a clean shirt – those with reflux babies will know what I mean here.

7.  If your diaper bag doesn’t have a waterproof compartment, invest in a little waterproof bag for wet or soiled clothes.

8.  A dummy holder on a chain or ribbon of sorts, attached to the inner of your bag, is really helpful when you’re trying to locate the dummy in a hurry (without having to unpack your whole bag) This is especially handy if you’re a bit of a germaphobe like I was with my first born, and you have a spare dummy in sterilising liquid for when the regular dummy falls on the floor!

I hope these few suggestions make shopping for your next diaper bag easy and fun!  Happy shopping mommas!

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4 thoughts on “Diaper Bag Shopping 101

  1. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom says:

    Cool suggestions and tips! We had a man’s camo diaper bag – I wish I had something prettier but it was very durable and practical!

    I love your pointer about the wet bag – we bought one separately and we still use it (for swimming lessons)! It’s the BEST!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Paula says:

      Hi Jennifer! As long as the diaper bag served it’s purpose 😉 I just love those wet bags, and I think it’s actually better having it apart from the diaper bag as it makes for easier washing and using for other purposes – like swimming!
      Thanks for stopping by xxx

  2. Ducks n a Row says:

    Paula you think of everything! I would never have thought of the noise that opening a velcro strip can make but doing it next to a sleeping baby? That sound is LOUD! LOL
    Pinned … and sharing, too. This is a great post.
    Sinea ♥

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