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Brick Dust & Gold Glitter

Brick Dust and Gold Glitter

I don’t know about you, but I’m struggling with feeling the Christmas spirit this December. There just happens to be so much more going on for us than most other years. We’ve tackled the task of doing alterations to our home – I know, I’m hearing you load ’n clear! Alterations?! At THIS time of year? *insert over-exaggerated gasp here*

It was all going pretty well until three weeks ago, then things got nasty. I’ll spare you the details, let’s just say my psyche has taken to lying, curled up on the floor with a warm blankie, a Cosmo mag and a glass of wine.

Amongst all the dust and chaos, the two girls and I have been trying our best to bring a touch of Christmas spirit to our home. The tree isn’t up yet, sadly, but we should be able to stretch out her branches and adorn her with shiny objects once the builders have left – sometime soon, I hope.

Like most other women I know, I’m addicted to Pinterest. It’s a good place to be hanging out if you’re feeling particularly uninspired or uncreative. I thought I’d share with you, my favourite holiday Pinterest finds, to bring some cheer and add some bling to your home this festive season. Gold is definitely hot this year so get your hands on some gold glitter and craft glue, and you can glitter-fy almost anything.

My Favourite Christmas Pinterest Finds:

1. We love gold glittered wine bottles

glittered bottles
2. Gold votive candles

gold votive candle
3. Christmas township scene

Christmas Township
4. Sparkly Rudolph

Feeling Christmassy yet? Why don’t you head over to my Pinterest Christmas Time board for some more inspiration?

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Hope you have a very jolly Christmas and a prosperous New Year, spent with family, friends, and all those close to your heart.

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