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Children, Germs & Handwashing

Penelope & Bella | Children, Germs & Handwashing

If your child has been through creche or day care, you’ll know what I mean when I say those kids catch everything! Children spend so much time in close proximity to each other that everyday germs which cause diseases such as diarrhoea, colds and flu are easily spread.

Our friends over at Lifebuoy have found that the three most common places your child is likely to pick up germs at school are:

  1. Backpacks go everywhere with your children, from inside your house and into the car, to the playground, the classroom and maybe the bathrooms at school too.
  2. The Lunch Swop – when kids share their lunch at school, food is often passed from one pair of unwashed hands to another. Teach your child to always wash their hands before handling food.
  3. Computer keyboards at school are used by many different children throughout the day. According to research, there are 200 times more germs on most computer keyboards than there are on your toilet seat – Ew!

Experts have found that 80% of all infectious diseases are transmitted by touch, and that washing your hands with soap reduces the presence of any faecal (poop) bacteria on your hands from 44% to 8%

Our in-house pediatrician agrees, and that’s still too many poop germs if you ask me! The Lifebuoy School of Five initiative aims at teaching children proper hand-washing techniques, with the 5 key handwashing occasions being: breakfast, lunch, dinner, when they go to the bathroom and when they bath/shower.


Penelope & Bella | Teach Your Child To Wash Their Hands


Thank you, Lifebuoy for educating our children on proper handwashing and disease prevention! Have you taught your child how to wash their hands properly? Download this neat printable I made for you guys, to display in your bathroom or kitchen.







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