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The Biologie of Rain

Penelope & Bella | The Biologie of Rain

You know how much we love camping, right? Well our last camp, just outside Plettenberg Bay, just over six weeks ago over a long weekend, was an eventful one as always.  Caught in the grip of winter, the scenic Garden Route was freezing and had us wearing beanies, scarves and cuddling up with blankets in front of the fire. As much as we love camping in winter, we also love a change of scenery every now and then, especially when camping in such a beautiful part of the country.

We ended up taking a drive to Zinzi, an exclusive restaurant in the Crags outside Plett. Apart from the amazing dining experience we had, I especially delighted myself in the fragrance of the hand lotion in the ladies’ bathroom, so much so, that I had asked the waitress what brand it was! Haha, I know…”small things…” She wrote the name on a card for me. I didn’t recognise the brand at all and doubted I would find it in PE. So I got home and filed that card into my “Things To Look For Before I Die” file… Oh, come on! Who are we kidding? We both know that never happened, that poor card disappeared into the abyss of nothingness that is my handbag.

Anyways, a few weekends ago I attended the Eastern Cape Blogger Meetup, where apart from socialising in person with some of my favourite people, I was spoilt with the most amazing goodie bag 🙂 And lo and behold… inside I found a stunning gift from the brand I had discovered at the restaurant – RAIN! You guys, I am so impressed with this brand. Not only because of its obviously yummy fragrances, but the whole company profile and what they are doing for their community by employing impoverished locals. Each and every item is free from chemicals, animal products, and is handmade. Handmade! 

Caring human touch is visible in everything we create. This is what gives Rain products their unique stamp and inherent value.

Penelope & Bella | Rain Biologie

Rain harvests the organic oils of Kalahari Melon, Baobab, Mafura, Marula and Mongongo Nut which form the heart of their body care range. You should check out their baby range too, which consists of products ranging from bum creme to insect repellent.

If you’re wondering which product grabbed my attention at Zinzi, it was the Rain Biologie Range. Be sure to look out for this one on their website.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some shopping to do…

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The Smart Girl’s Guide To Shaving Less

Penelope & Bella - The Smart Girls Guide to Shaving Less

Winter: the three month gap between a girl and her razor 🙂

But seriously, yay summer is here! Time to haul out the old razor and stop punishing your husband by making him sleep next to hairy stalks that somewhat resemble the Amazon after good rains.

Shaving doesn’t rank up there on top of a girl’s “favourite things to do” list, I know. It’s a time-sapper and it sucks. Often leaving behind shaving rash, little bumps and nicks and irritated skin. Follow this with a plunge into the salty ocean and you’ve got spotty legs for the rest of the day. We’ve come up with the best tips and advice to make your shave last longer this summer. Hey, if it means smoother legs for longer, we’re all in! Continue reading The Smart Girl’s Guide To Shaving Less

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Penelope & Bella Dove Campaign

One of the issues close to my heart is the way we bring up our daughters. It’s not that I’m not concerned with the way we bring up our sons, it’s just that there is enough self-doubt, self-hatred and criticism amongst women, that if we channeled that into some kind of energy we could solve Eskom’s electricity crisis. Continue reading #BeautyLegacy