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When Crime Comes Knocking On Your Door

Penelope & Bella | When Crime Comes Knocking On Your Door

Living in South Africa has its pros and cons, right?  I’ve been on this planet for 39 years, and my exposure to crime has, thankfully, been low. Yea we’ve had the odd house break-in etc, but whenever these happened no one was at home, so no one got hurt. It’s a sad place to be […]

Challenges Faced by Families of Six

Challenges that come with having a family of six | Penelope & Bella

My husband has an enlarged photograph of our family on the wall, behind his desk in his practice.  It seems to bring him a certain amount of entertainment on a daily basis, watching the facial expressions of his patients while they are gazing at the photo.  Some say nothing, but others can’t help but blurt […]

Ode To Bella Bus

Penelope & Bella - Ode To Bella Bus

It’s been three years since my darling hubby bought the family Volkswagen Kombi aka Bella Bus. Yes you guessed it, it’s part inspiration for the name of this blog. We’ll get to the “Penelope” component another day, shall we? Since she’s three years old this month and possibly feeling a little under-appreciated, I thought I’d […]

3 Questions To Help Your Teen Succeed

Penelope & Bella | 3 Questions to Help Your Teen Succeed + Free Printable!

So we’re almost at the end of the first term, and some of us may have better routines established in our homes than others… ahem… I ended up having one of “those talks” with my kids the other day, you know the kind, the mom-has-a-nervous-breakdown-and-then-calls-a-family-meeting kind. Well I took a different approach this time around, […]

Every Great Mom’s Back-To-School Guide

Penelope & Bella Every Great Moms Back To School Guide

Can you believe it’s back to school this week? It’s incredible how one misses that extra week we normally have in the December holidays. I don’t know about you, but nothing irritates me more than a back to school TV advert. I guess one advantage of still having builders here at home is that there […]

Why Sitting In A Deck Chair Beats Sitting On The Couch

Penelope & Bella Why Sitting In A Deck Chair Beats Sitting On The Couch

Those who know me, know that our family loves to camp. We constantly spend time on sites like and try to find new ways through which we can make our outdoor camping trips much more fun. We try at least once a month to get away to one of our beautiful, local resorts. It’s […]