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Challenges Faced by Families of Six

Challenges that come with having a family of six | Penelope & Bella

My husband has an enlarged photograph of our family on the wall, behind his desk in his practice.  It seems to bring him a certain amount of entertainment on a daily basis, watching the facial expressions of his patients while they are gazing at the photo.  Some say nothing, but others can’t help but blurt out, “Four children!” I’m assuming these are the parents with unruly kids… Hehe!  But seriously, for those who ever wondered, I thought I’d outline the challenges that come with having a family of six. Continue reading Challenges Faced by Families of Six

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How To Build A Great Relationship With Your Teenage Boy

Penelope & Bella | How To Build A Great Relationship With Your Teenage Boy

I stumbled across a quote this week, that went something like this:

Don’t see your teenager as a burden, but rather as a blessing ~Author Unknown

Ha! You may say, we’re going full force ahead into the June exams, and that brings it’s own flurry of challenges with it! Oh don’t you worry, this momma is hearing you loud ‘n clear! But serisouly, I know these exam times are challenging for us all and it’s hard to take a fresh stance on your relationship with your teen during this stressful time. Continue reading How To Build A Great Relationship With Your Teenage Boy

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3 Questions To Help Your Teen Succeed

Penelope & Bella | 3 Questions to Help Your Teen Succeed + Free Printable!

So we’re almost at the end of the first term, and some of us may have better routines established in our homes than others… ahem…
I ended up having one of “those talks” with my kids the other day, you know the kind, the mom-has-a-nervous-breakdown-and-then-calls-a-family-meeting kind.

Well I took a different approach this time around, and maybe, just maybe I’ll achieve better results – or ideally they will. I thought I’d wait it out a bit before I share my fail-proof recipe with you, in case it’s not so fail-proof. Although let’s be serious, when it comes to young adults, nothing is fail-proof. Continue reading 3 Questions To Help Your Teen Succeed

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Every Great Mom’s Back-To-School Guide

Penelope & Bella Every Great Moms Back To School Guide

Can you believe it’s back to school this week? It’s incredible how one misses that extra week we normally have in the December holidays. I don’t know about you, but nothing irritates me more than a back to school TV advert. I guess one advantage of still having builders here at home is that there is no TV connected, hence, no subjection to back to school ads! Are you ready for school yet? Those words always make me feel anxious and no matter how ready I think I am there’s always something I leave out. I’ve sourced some tips to make the transition into the school term a little easier for you, especially if you have younger kids. I hope they help a little: Continue reading Every Great Mom’s Back-To-School Guide

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Diaper Bag Shopping 101

Penelope & Bella Diaper Bag Shopping 101

I’m so glad the diaper bag has evolved over the years! I remember the lack of choice available when I was looking for mine… um, just a couple of years ago 😉 There were not many designs to choose from and the designs were so babified, and I didn’t want babified. I’m so glad companies like Momi Bags came about to solve this problem, and save us from diaper bags devoid of any style forever. Continue reading Diaper Bag Shopping 101

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The Ultimate List of 50 Screen-Free Ideas

Penelope & Bella - The Ultimate List of 50 Screen-Free Ideas

A while ago we spoke about the negative effects of introducing your children to TV, iPads, and any other kind of screen too early. Of course, this is the 21st century and we realise that children growing up in this era differ vastly from those who grew up 30 years ago, and that technology has become an integral part of their daily lives. But there’s no harm in pulling in the reigns a bit and limiting your child’s exposure to screens and letting them be good ol’ fashioned kids for a change. Here are 50 ideas for a screen-free week in your home: Continue reading The Ultimate List of 50 Screen-Free Ideas