For peace of mind, we suggest you use the below sizing chart when choosing the correct size of your Penelope & Bella garment.  These should be your measurements prior to pregnancy, or into your first trimester.  We have designed the sizing chart to be simple yet accurate.  However, every body is different, and women’s bodies grow differently during pregnancy.  If you are at all hesitant about the correct size for you, we would love you to contact us so that we can assist you.

Accurate measurements should be done in the following ways:

BUST: Measure around the largest part of your bust without holding the measuring tape too tightly.  You should be able to manoeuvre the tape up and down easily.

WAIST: This measurement is taken around the SMALLEST part of your waist.

HIPS: Take this measurement around the LARGEST part of your hips, which is usually below the hip bones. Again, don’t pull the measuring tape too tightly around your hips, you should still be able to manoeuvre the tape easily.


P&B Sizing Guide