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7 Reasons To Quit Being a Butthead!

Penelope & Bella | 7 Reasons To Quit Being A Butthead!

One would think that in the 21st century, with the number of studies and readily-available information on smoking and it’s ill effects, that we would see a decline in parents smoking in the vicinity of their children. Sadly, this does not seem to be the case.

We’re discussing the effects of smoking on your children in this edition of

What Your Pediatrician Wants You To Know

Second-hand smoke is harmful to everyone, especially babies and children. It can be the cause of, amongst other things, ear infections, breathing problems and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Often overlooked, third-hand smoke, that which gets trapped in clothing, hair, furniture, and carpets, is just as dangerous. So then “smoking outside” is no longer a fair excuse, is it?

Why are babies and children more at risk from second- and third-hand smoke?

1 They have a faster breathing rate, which means that they breathe in more air relative to their body weight
2 Their immune systems are less developed
3 They are not able to complain about being in a smokey environment and are less able to leave by themselves

What harmful effects does second-hand smoke have on my child’s health?

1    More susceptible to coughing and wheezing
2   Suffer from more ear infections
3   Have less lung capacity
4   More respiratory tract infections
5   Increased occurrence of asthma and severity of asthma symptoms
6   Lower test scores in reading and maths
7   More likely to take up smoking themselves

New evidence is also suggesting that babies exposed to second-hand smoke may be more at risk of cancer later in life. Our children have a right to be protected from harmful second- and third-hand smoke. It’s time for us to quit lighting up in front of our kids!

Till next time, I leave you with these pearls of wisdom…

Having a smoking section in a restaurant is like having a peeing section in a swimming pool ~ Author Unknown

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What Your Pediatrician Wants You To Know #1

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